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“My father says that if I hit 2,500 balls each day, I’ll hit 17,500 balls each week, and at the end of one year I’ll have hit nearly one million balls. He believes in math. Numbers, he says, don’t lie. A child who hits one million balls each year will be unbeatable.”

 – Andre Agassi


Repetition is the key to perfection

Dragonet is a patented training machine that allows players to work out and perfect every shot. Enjoy a new kind of tennis training, easier and smart. Say goodbye to the thousands of balls on the court: thanks to its non-stop shooting system, you’ll only need four and you won’t even have to pick them up again and again and again! Dragonet is available in three different models, each tailored to the needs of all type of players, despite their age and level.

You choose where to train: the only limit is your imagination!

When you think of a ball machine, the first thing that pops into your mind is usually a court covered in balls you’ll have to pick up. With Dragonet, you won’t have to limit and train only on a court! Its built-in bouncing plate allows players to use the machine everywhere, from one’s house roof to their garden, at the gym as well as on the beach. It’s easy to transport and assemble, with the ball machine itself comfortably fitting into the car’s trunk and the net easy to wrap up into two bags.


Talking about Dragonet…

Dragonet: your coach, your court, your partner. Your trainer’s best friend.

Repeat your exercise and perfect your technique: that’s the key. Dragonet allows you to hit the number of shots you want and tailor your own custom workout. Modify its options and come up with the routine you need to improve different aspects of your technique. Record yourself before and after one training session: you won’t believe your eyes!
During a one-hour standard training session with a coach, players usually hit 300 balls. Using Dragonet, one’s able to hit up to 1500 balls during the same time span!

Perfect training for everyone

Customize your training sessions in a smart and quick way. Focus on working out your shots (forehands, backhands, volley and smash) as well as the athletic part of the game!



This exercise aims to improve player’s long-range movements, focusing on both the shot’s technique and the athletic workout.


Here the focus is on balance. Using a balance board while aiming to hitting correctly, players can increase their shot’s power and master the backhand technique.


This workout is dedicated to working on the smash’s technique. Apply the spacer under the built-in bouncing plate and allow Dragonet machine to serve you the perfect smash!


This exercise aims to work out on the drive volley technique. Dragonet serves players the perfect ball to hit with a drive volley, allowing them to work on their movements towards the net as well as the technique itself.


In this video the focus is on footwork: training on short-distance movements, the athlete will improve its footwork while practicing the shot’s technique.

What’s Dragonet made of?

Dragonet is made of two parts: the so-called “Dragon”, a smart ball machine that allows players to customize their workouts, and the net itself, that serves both as a focus and as ball gatherer, allowing the machine to work on a continuous cycle.

Dimensions and requiring space

Dragonet only requires a 3x5m space to work. Its built-in bouncing plate makes it work on every possible surface. Work out anywhere you want, in your garage as well as at the beach!

Hit up to 1500 balls in a 1-hour training

Traditional on-court trainings are always too short and may not satisfy you. Forget that! Train everywhere at any time, with Dragonet: you’ll only need four balls. Hit the net and the machine will take care of the rest. No more long and boring balls gathering sessions after you’ve trained. Additionally, training with Dragonet maximize your workouts: in fact, you can hit up to 1500 balls during a 1-hour training!


Discover more about Dragonet.

Would you like to know more about Dragonet’s models? We’ll be glad to explain you the differences and point you to your ideal machine, with no obligation to make a purchase.

What makes Dragonet one of a kind?

Dragonet is the only smart tennis training machine controlled through a built-in touch screen display, allowing users to come up with fully customized training sessions. Built into the machine there’s advanced sensors defining each shot and controlling their power, timing and precision. In addition to that, it features its own fault diagnosis system, insuring automatic solutions to potential problems.


USER’S GUIDE: how to correctly assemble Dragonet

This video explains step-by-step how to correctly assemble Dragonet’s ball machine and net. It only takes a few minutes, then you’ll be free to train.

USER’S GUIDE: how to start a training program

Here’s how to start a training program tailored to your specific needs.

USER’S GUIDE: how to use the machine’s remote controller

This is how to operate Dragonet machines remotely by using their own controller.

About the manufacturer

Giuseppe Spedaliere’s passion for tennis mixed with his son Alessandro attitude for computer science and programming are the fertile ground from which Dragonet revolutionary idea grew.

Giuseppe has always been passionate about tennis, his favorite hobby, but unfortunately years of incorrect practice of the one handed backhand led him to a bad elbow injury. It’s from such sad situation that the core idea came to his mind.

Fully conscious of his son’s passion and in-depth knowledge of computer science and programming, Giuseppe asked Alessandro the most simple and yet smart question: was it possible for him to design an improved version of the traditional “ball machine”? One that needed no court to be used. One that could be used to train everywhere and could be kept in their garage. A tool to work with any time he could in order to finally master that backhand technique.

That’s where Dragonet came from! A one of a kind machine, ready to revolutionize the very idea of tennis training.

Dragonet is a patented product in accordance with United States and European Community’s regulations and directives.


Here’s some of Dragonet’s FAQs:

What shots can one hit using Dragonet?

Dragonet allows players to hit every fundamental shot: forehand, backhand, volley and smash.

What is the minimum space required to use Dragonet?

The correct distance from the machine depends on the type of ball used (orange, green, standard). Generally speaking, one should at least need a 3×5 meters space to correctly use Dragonet.

How far can Dragonet shot?

Dragonet’s shooting distance varies depending on the type of ball used (orange, green, standard) as well as from its brand and model. Averagely Dragonet can shoot in a range spanning from ~3m (with orange balls) up to ~8/9m (with standard balls).

Is there more than one model of Dragonet?

Three different models are available. Contact us through our customer service to discover more about the differences and understand which would be the best for you.

Does it work with paddle tennis balls?

Dragonet works with paddle tennis balls, too, and it is a great tool also for practicing this sport!

What are its dimensions?

Height 2m, length 3m, depth 0.5m.

How much does it weigh?

Dragonet weights about 40 kg. All models come with wheels and transport handle.

Is it hard to assemble?

Not at all! You won’t need any tool to assemble Dragonet. Thanks to its butterfly screws, it’ll only take a few minutes to put it together.

How many balls do I need to use it?

5/6 balls are enough to correctly use Dragonet, since they’ll be collected and reused thanks to the net.

Is it battery powered?

No, Dragonet needs to be plugged into a power outlet. It averagely consumes less than a light bulb, about 100/150kW/h.

How does it take for the goods to be shipped?

It depends on stock availability. Contact us, we’ll be glad to check out for you.

Is there a warranty period?

Yes. The warranty is valid for two years after the purchase.

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There are three different models available.

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